Bminer Grin mining on f2pool

Step 1: Download and extra Bminer 12.0.1 to a file.

Step 2: Edit the mine-grin.bat file.

Step 3: Please fill your f2pool username, such as f2poolBminer.

Step 3: Please fill your rigname, such as rig1.

Step 4: Please fill any password below, Please note that The password is not related to the f2pool website password, you can fill any password as you like and make sure not leaving it empty. I will use password as example.

bminer -uri cuckaroo29://

Step 5: Save the file and run it.

Step 6: you can see your hashrate on your homepage on f2pool, don’t forget to choose the Grin-29 algorithm.

Note: It may takes 5-10 minutes to see the hashrate on the poolside.



Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast

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